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Monday, June 25, 2012

Vinyl on Tile!

Happy Monday Everyone!
I spent a good portion of my weekend painting and re-decorating my living room.  When it was finished, my family room needed something to spruce it up too.  I decided to get a tile that matched my kitchen floor and put vinyl on it as a nice little edition to the room. The tile is 12x12.  I used the Times New Roman and Playball for the fonts and created the whole thing on my silhouette software.  Vinyl doesn't like to stick to tile for some reason so I put a layer of modge podge first and let it dry.  The vinyl still didn't want to come off the transfer paper very easily but once on, it stuck really well!

I really like how it turned out, and it looks so nice in my family room :-)



L.B. said...

This is wonderful and I love the sentiment!!

Rebecca said...

I love this sentiment! I just asked my mom for an extra floor tile from their new home so that I could make something for them. This is great. I was going for the old Home Sweet Home, but I like this better. Thanks for sharing.