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Friday, May 11, 2012

Awesome lighting idea

Hi Everyone,
I was browsing around on the silhouette flickr group yesterday and came across a really cute idea that I wanted to try.  It took no time at all because I had everything I needed and love how it turned out.

What you will need:
Words or designs cut out on cardstock (don't necessarily need an electronic cutter for this)
Repositional spray adhesive
lamp shade

Before Pic:

All you do is lay out your design face up, spray with adhesive and stick it to the inside of your lamp shade.  I did it while it was on so I could make sure the placement is how I wanted it.  The best part is, if you mess up or don't want it on anymore, just peel it off.  Make sure it isn't touching your light bulb for any reason also just to be safe.

Here is what it looks like when the light gets turned on:

I found this in the silhouette store and thought it would be perfect for my bedroom lamp. My husband thought I had worked so hard to make it but it took less than 10 minutes ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend,



Christine said...

what a creative idea! new follower here! I have started a new crafting blog and would love to have you as a "follower."

Melody said...