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Monday, April 2, 2012

"Glass Etched" Vinyl

Happy Monday!

Wow, the weekend just flew by!!  I did quite a few projects last week that I didn't get to post so I wanted to share them with you!
I get all of my vinyl from and love it!  I just received some glass etching vinyl the other day and wanted to try it out.  Glass etching vinyl is vinyl that makes it look like the glass it etched!  I cleaned out my fridge this past week (NASTY!) and when it was all done wanted to spruce it up a little bit.  I decided to etch all the doors with my vinyl.  My husband may have thought I was just a little nuts but I get excited about cleaning and organizing ;-)

These were not easy to get pictures of but you get the idea!  The best part of this vinyl is I can peel it off when I don't want it anymore and it isn't permanently etched!

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TeresaK said...

This is just such an amazing idea! I love it!!