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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Angry Birds Birthday Party!

Hi Everyone,
Life has been extremely crazy since my last post and I am finally finding time to start posting again.  My oldest just turned 5 a couple weeks ago and he wanted an Angry Birds Party.  I had a lot of fun creating everything and my son loved t!!

The invitation!

I used my cameo's print and cut feature for the back of this invitation.  The font is called "Feast of Flesh"

I found this fun game on pinterest and knew I definitely wanted to do the same thing.  I used chunky soup cans and martha stewart acrylic paint for this project.  I free handed the pigs faces (wasn't too difficult).  I found the ball at Walmart for $1.50 and just painted on the birds face with acrylic paint.

It was a real hit at the party ;-)

My husband and I worked together on the cake.  He made the fondant and I created everything you see on top of the cake (except the twix!)  We used marshmallow fondant and wilton food gel.  It was actually not too difficult to make!

I used my silhouette cameo to make the sign and the TNT box.  The rocks are from Duff at Michaels.

The twix were perfect to build with and looked like wood :-)

 Here is an up close look at the pigs!

For party favors I decided to do ornaments.  My son's birthday is about a month from Christmas and I wanted to do something that everyone would want to keep.  I found these plastic ornaments at Hobby Lobby and got a great deal with my coupon.  I glittered the inside red and then used vinyl to put the faces on the outside.  On the back side I wrote "Thanks for Crashing Zach's Party" and then I added the date :-)

I love doing centerpieces for my kids' parties.  I whipped these up on my cameo and cut the "5" out of vinyl to personalize it a bit more.

I also try to have the food fit the theme.  I made little signs and had them sitting next to the different food on the table.  We had Dorito flavored pig ears (chips).  Cheesy Pig tails (spiral mac and cheese)  Shredded pork, and pigs in a blanket.  I didn't get a close up of those but they are on the front of the table in the next picture.  The bucket to the left was from the dollar store and I just added a face with vinyl.

I got most of his balloons at the dollar store (much better deal than party city) and the angry birds balloon from Walmart.  I used vinyl to personalize the balloons.

Another thing I sent the kids home with were Angry Birds Graham crackers that I found at Walmart. I put them into little baggies and made toppers for them that said "Thank you".

The party was so much fun!  I rented a bounce house and the kids never got bored :-)

Here is a picture of the birthday boy!  I made his shirt too :-)

Every year I get a picture with just him and I at his party!

Thanks for stopping by today!!



Migdalia said...

ADORABLE Party Decor!!!!Love it!Oh!Yummy cake!

Shar said...

Ooooooo where did you get the cut file for you cameo?

Unknown said...

Wow!!! What an awesome job you did on pulling that theme out! I love everything - especially his personalized t shirt!

Maureen Reiss said...

Wow!!! Great job!! I'll bet he LOVED it!!

Rebecca said...

What a fun party! You are such a great mom and very talented!

Unknown said...

wow, how awesome and fun is this! My son will be turning five soon and he wants an Angry Bird theme party too. I won't be able to pull this off like you...ha ha You did an amazing job! Thanks for sharing...such a great inspiration!

Kaniemer10 said...

how did you make the center piece with the bird faces?

Rebekah said...

Hi Kaniemer,

I cut them on my silhouette cameo and then in the base of the bucket I put some of the green spongy floral stuff. I tape the birds to wooden skewers and then poke it into the green sponge. I cover it up with shredded paper I found at the dollar tree. I used pipe cleaners to hide the skewers. Hope this helps! Any other questions, just email me at calbekah at aol dot com :-)

Party Princess said...

Angree bird theme is favorite theme of son would really like to have party like this. i loved the decorations and birthday cakes are really creative
Toy Story party characters

2boyzmom said...

Is there any way to get the pattern for the centerpiece? I would even be willing to pay for it. Can it be cut by hand? I don't have a cameo but am a scrapbooker and am pretty craft. If I had a pattern or a tutorial that would be awesome!
Thank you so much

Elaine Rodriguez Meyreles said...

Hi Kaniemer, I have a silhouette too and i'm doing my kid a BD party with that theme can you tell me how you did it on the cameo??? Please!!

His very exciting with this and a really loved what you did.



Unknown said...

Hi! where did you get the pattern for the centerpieces & Invite?
Would really appreciate if you shared :) I'd also be willing to pay for it

Unknown said...

Hi! Where can I find the file for the Invite & centerpiece cut outs? I would be willing to pay for them as well :) Thanks!

Rebekah said...

Hi Justine,
I created the invite and the centerpiece on my silhouette software. Email me and we can try and work something out :-)
calbekah at aol dot com