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Thursday, August 30, 2012

DIY T-shirt Sailor Knot Headband Tutorial

Hi Everyone,
Today is a big day!  I am doing a step by step picture tutorial for you :-)  I have been seeing these super cute t-shirt headbands on Pinterest but there weren't really any tutorials to make one from a t-shirt.  I decided to play around with some old stained jersey cotton shirts of mine and figured it out!! There is no sewing involved!!!

Here is what you need:

An old cotton t-shirt

That't it!!!

First, you are going to lay your t-shirt out flat

2. Cut the bottom hem off

3.  Now, you are going to cut as many 1/2 inch strips as you want.  The more strips, the thicker the knot will be and will stand out better.  Make sure you cut in even numbers.  For this tutorial I only cut two so I could show you a little easier.  The final picture is actually six strips!

4.  Now, pull the strips tight.  This will make them roll up.

 5.  You are ready to make the sailor knot!  Take one strip and cross it right over left

6.  Take the other strip and lay it right on top in the shape of a U

 7.  Take the right side of the U and put it under the right end of the loop

 8.  Take the left side of the U and place it under the loop

9.  Now, take the right side of the U and put it under the left side of the U and pull it over the top of the loop (it is really hard to explain in words but super easy)

10.  Now you should have two end sticking out the top and two at the bottom.  Pull the top end and the bottom ends away from each other and the knot will form.  You can make it as loose or tight as you want! (Remember that this is a much smaller knot because I only used two strands.

11.  Make sure you stretch out the strands so they are the same length.  Cut a small strand from the sleeve of your t-shirt (about 4 inches long).  Bring the 4 loops together

12.  Now,  you are just going to tie, the small strip around the loops to connect them into a circle.  Make sure you double knot and pull tight!  This pic is before I tied it.

Here is what it looks like tied

Now you just put it on like a normal circular headband.  This next picture is what it looks like with 6 strands!!

Isn't it cute!!

I made a bunch in different colors today.  I am going to use the two strand ones when I go to the gym and save the bigger ones to wear out and about!  The color possibilities are limitless and it's a great way to recycle and old shirt that is just going to get thrown away anyway :-)

Thanks for stopping by today!



Michelle said...

This is ridiculously cute and your tutorial is great! I think I could actually do this!

Unknown said...

How did you make the 2 knots with the 6 strands?

Rebekah said...

I just combined the strands into two sets of three and went from there.

Unknown said...

Is there only one knot , or do you keep on tying , and if so how ??

Unknown said...

Is there only one know or do you keep tying , if so how ??