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Monday, March 28, 2011

Disney Cars Birthday decor!

Hi Everyone,

I know I haven't posted in over a month! I have been super busy getting ready for my little guy's second birthday! His birthday was Disney Cars and I decided to wait until after the party to post everything that I have been working on!!

The Invitations!

I cut Lightning at 4 1/2. That is the smallest I could go without the paper ripping! I love this cart but don't like that you can't cut very small. Way to many small details that don't make it past the blade on the machine!

The cupcakes!

Instead of doing a cake like I normally do, I went for much simpler! I used a regular black cupcake stand and spruced it up a little bit! I cut "The world of cars" at fit to page for a standard piece of cardstock. I then used wooden skewers that I painted black, hooked them to the back and then stuck them in that green spongy stuff you put fake flowers in (can't remember the name, LOL) I decided to wrap the green stuff in red tissue paper and to hold it in place, used a couple ribbons and hooked it to the stand. The little road along the bottom is also on the cartridge. I used my gypsy and welded four of the pieces together just and it worked out great! The little characters sticking out of the cupcakes were bought at Party city. I couldn't get the cricut to cut small enough to do my own and it saved a lot of time!

The tables!

For the tables, I decided to go super simple and I loved how it turned out! I just bought plain black table cloths and quickly cut yellow strips of paper and taped them down, making them look like a road. Then I borrowed some of the cones my hubby uses for cross country to add to them and help hold down the tablecloths because of course it was outside and windy. I then cut three more characters from the cartridge and used them as centerpieces.

Table Centerpiece! This was my favorite out of everything! I made a little "cars" bouquet. I found the bucket for 50% off at hobby lobby. I cut the four characters at fit to page so each was a different size and then put the wooden skewers on the back and stuck them in the green stuff. I finished it off with some shredded paper I found at walmart for $1. I loved how it turned out and I am going to put it in my son's room because he LOVES cars!! It ended up being a little over 2 feet tall! The drinks! Last but not least, I wanted to add one more little touch that everyone loved. I searched under google images until I found this Rust eez label. I blew it up as big as I could and printed them off on my color printer. I then just took the labels off the 2 liters and taped these on. Super simple but was a nice addition to the party!

The party was a blast and my two year old loved it so all the work was a success!! Now I just have to try to get my craft room back to normal from all of this chaos :-)

Have a great day!!



Jovan said...

WOW...everything came out so great!

Rebekah said...

Thank you!

Craftin' Blind said...

Everything looks amazing! You did a wonderful job with that tricky cartridge!!! :) I especially love the tables you made to look like roads! That was awesome!!
-Lori Craftin' Blind

Unknown said...

where did you find the cars clip art to cut out? I have a silhouette portrait, but can't find the characters?? TIA!!!!