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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cute Recycled gifts!

Hi Everyone, Today I wanted to share a way to make up cute little gifts and recycle something most of you have around the house. I took the strawberry and blueberry containers that we get from Sam's Club and saved them until I could use them. I use these to put little candles ,hand sanitizers, mini lotions and candy in. I just measure where the label goes and cut a piece of cardstock to fit. I use my corner rounder to make it fit a little better and then decorate it however I want! I then wrap a ribbon all the way around to make it more secure. I buy the shredded filler paper from Walmart for $1 and it works great to set the little gifts inside the container. This first container gift was actually an order someone placed to give as a gift. They just wanted something for St. Patrick's Day! It had two tealight holders, 8 tealights and a mini hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works

This second container was a little gift for my sister in law. There were a few little spring votive candles and a strawberry scented hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works.

I love how these are turning out and I have been stocking up on them just to have a quick gift to give whenever I need one :-) Have a Beautiful Day! Rebekah

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