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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Loose Tooth

Happy Hump Day!
We have had a lot of excitement in our house! My 5 year old is about to lose his first tooth and isn't happy about it!  He is only eating soft foods because he doesn't want it to come out and accidentally swallow it :-)  I have really been trying to talk up the tooth fairy and the first tooth "bonus" he will get under his pillow but nothing seems to work!

The last few months, I have been teaching myself how to sew.  I came up with this little pillow idea and gave it to him.  I told him that he can put his tooth in the pocket and money will be in there the next morning.  He is really excited about the pillow (but still asked for oatmeal)! Oh well, it will come out one way or another :-)

Didn't it turn out cute?!  I am really happy with it, and he loves it!  This little sentiment below came from a retired Pink by Design set and goes in the pillow with his tooth (a little note to the tooth fairy).  I am going to keep the note and write the date on the back for scrapbooking :-)

I'm thinking about adding these little pillows to my etsy site!  Let me know if you would be interested :-)

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1 comment:

Marta said...

Hi, Rebekah. I discovered your blog through the emails that PBD sends out. I love the little pillow! Adorable!!!

Do you know how I can contact either of the Hamers? I have sent numerous emails and get no response. I am sorry to ask you but it is urgent and they don't reply to phone calls or emails.

I think I would definitely purchase one of your little pillows. They really are adorable!